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Personal Assistant Support Service

This is a proprietary service that only CouncilMen IPM introduced for its clients. It's an unmatched, and clever way to remain transparent. After creating your schematic, we upload it to our private server for the client to access. It provides real-time updates, including LIVE technician services during, and after each service visit.

This will also allow, both the client, and CouncilMen IPM to accurately monitor your food service/retail businesses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It works in the background, ready to log any pest risks that may arise. It's a 2-way communication link aimed at reducing downtime by pinpointing the service technician in the right direction.  

Unlike most pest control providers, that give its clients no choice but to rely on their word, promoting sleepless nights, wondering if the provider performed as promised. CouncilMen IPM has eliminated this anxiety by directly allowing its clients a LIVE window, readily available online, during, or after the service has completed.


Our clients will witness the compliance standards set forth by the regulatory agencies being fulfilled, and will personally witness the service, knowing well that the technician took his time addressing the infestation with the utmost importance.


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