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Five Nonresidential Places Bed Bugs Can Be Found

A common misconception about bed bugs is that they are found solely in homes and hotels. On the contrary, they can be found anywhere that humans frequent and spend extended periods of time—including many businesses. Bed bugs are proficient hitchhikers. This gives them the opportunity to gain access into businesses by riding on someone’s clothing, luggage, bags or purses. Here are five nonresidential places that bed bugs can be found:

1 - Office Buildings

Bed bugs can hide anywhere humans regularly occupy, such as a cubicle, lobbies, or conference room furniture. Because of their size and flat bodies, they can also squeeze between the pages of books, file folders, and even into “sealed” areas such as filing cabinets and closed drawers.

2 - Retail Stores

After hitching rides in on clothing or in the purses or bags of employees and customers, bed bugs can be found in fitting rooms, employee locker rooms, or in furniture. It is unlikely that an introduced bed bug would be able to feed and survive in this environment, but sightings certainly happen.

3 - Movie Theaters

Bed bugs can hitchhike in on moviegoers and burrow into the seats, waiting until the perfect opportunity to crawl out and catch a ride home after the movie is over.

4 - Hospitals

Bed bugs can hide in mattresses, bed frames, and other cracks and crevices.

5 - Public Transportation

Train, airplane and bus seats provide great harborage areas for bed bugs. In addition, thanks to the high passenger turnover of many of these transportation methods, they can make their way home with you after your trip. Bed bugs may also sneak aboard in luggage—especially if you’re on your way home from vacation.

How Bed Bugs Survive in These Environments

Bed bugs survive by being elusive and hardy. They are nocturnal pests and not normally seen during the day. Instead, they have retreated to crevices, inside walls, or even behind wallpaper. Bed bugs also have the ability to survive for extended periods of time without eating and can withstand a wide range of temperatures. These factors contribute to bed bugs being extremely difficult to eradicate.

Bed Bug Removal Options

Bed bug introductions and infestations should not be taken lightly. Their presence poses a danger to your brand, as the simple sight of one can be detrimental to your reputation.

At CouncilMen IPM, we focus on providing proven bed bug removal strategies and treatments. Our pest professionals tailor their approach to your business’s unique situation. To learn more about setting up a bed bug prevention and protection plan, contact us today.

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