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Bed bugs can strike anywhere, anytime, anyplace, a disproportionate number of bed bug infestations are in senior housing apartments, assisted living centers, and similar facilities. The problem is not only the frequency of these infestations but the severity of them. All too often, bed bug infestations are not discovered until the infestation is entrenched and has spread throughout the building to other units.

What makes bed bugs such a problem with elderly housing?

Often senior tenants are left alone without friends or family to regularly visit and check-up on them. Because of their poor mobility, medical issues, and diminished mental capacity, seniors are often unaware of an infestation, especially in its early stages. Also, their units are often filled with clutter, giving these insects almost unlimited harborage.

"Major pest control operators mistakenly classify

special-needs facilities into two separate categories: 

Property Management, and Healthcare"


Neither meets specific regulations, nonetheless, the tenant's disabilities, resulting in ongoing failed treatments, and exposure to toxic chemicals, which can follow legal actions.



CouncilMen IPM understand these sectors and have experience dealing with these type of facilities. Successfully, we have rapidly corrected heavily infested senior living facilities, saving investors thousands of dollars, from public health fines, pest control excessive fees, and most importantly lawsuits.

By-the-Unit extermination of Bed Bugs to senior housing apartments, assisted living centers, and similar facilities by applying a systematic five-step process that incorporates an IPM program.


The first step will be a thorough inspection of each unit of the entire facility. A detailed report will be produced highlighting all of the current, and future risks each tenant faces.

Options will be provided, along with a roadmap-to-recovery.

"Bed bugs in senior facilities are one of the most challenging infestations that clients, public housing, and major pest control competitors face"

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